About Us

Q Teacher Supply is a service of Q L and D LLC, a Doha-based education services company. We’re in the business of mobilizing untapped teaching talent to help schools cover their short-term, immediate teacher absences. We engage the vast pool of credentialed teachers who have come to Qatar with a spouse, and are not currently working in a permanent job. We hand-select qualified professionals through a rigorous screening process, and make them available to local schools on a part-time, temporary and ‘on-call’ basis.

If you’re an experienced professional teacher who is not quite sure how to get your foot in the door with a local school, or you’d like to work but have chosen not to because a full-time commitment would interfere with personal obligations, we have part-time, temporary and short-term teaching opportunities for you! Apply to join our teaching corps by sending your CV or resume to info@qatarteachersupply.com!

If you’re an international school that needs help covering temporary, short-term or long-term gaps in your teaching corps, we’d love to help. Fill out the form on our Contact Us page or send an email to info@qatarteachersupply.com to get in touch.

Q Teacher Supply exists to create a seamless, lawful pathway for non-working Qatar-based teachers to do the work they love, while helping schools address the critical, and all-too-common challenge of unexpected and difficult-to-fill gaps in the instructional team.

Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch!